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Auditorium César Roux, CHUV, Lausanne

Farewell symposium in honor of Prof. Karin Diserens - SAVE THE DATE !

Publié par Kuhner Simone le 10.06.2024

The neuroscience of Coma and Disorders of Consciousness (DoC) : Combining behavioral phenotyping with functional and structural brain imaging.

The evaluation of patients awakening from pathological coma remains a clinical challenge worldwide. Despite advances in neuroimaging and neurophysiology, studies have shown that clinical observation is key to avoiding the pitfalls of assessing a non-communicative patient with profound impairment of consciousness.

This symposium aims to present the current state of understanding of the behavioral phenotyping of coma and disorders of consciousness, regarding diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic approaches. It will also review the research that is still needed in this field and the recent advances at the national level by the scientific collaborators of the NRA unit and at the international level through collaborations with worldwide experienced groups.

Contributions to the program by renowned experts and members of the advisory board and working groups of the Curing Coma Campaign (Neurocritical Care Association) will promote discussion of the difficulties of evaluating patients with disorders of consciousness and highlight the current drive for diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic consensus. This event will also push for the social and professional reintegration of cognitively impaired patients.

The symposium will be followed by an invitation by the Acute Neurorehabilitation Team to share some neurosensory stimulation in the unit’s therapeutic garden. 

Prof. Philippe Ryvlin MD, Head of the Clinical Neurosciences Department
Prof. Renaud Du Pasquier MD, Head of the Neurology Service
Prof. Karin Diserens MD, Head of the Acute Neurorehabilitation Unit

This symposium is also part of the clinical neuroscience conference programme

Information : Carole.Bommottet-Fanchini(at)


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Free entrance

New registration deadline : 26th of May 2024